Live Casino


Live Roulette is one of our live online games with real-person dealers. Our Live Roulette is the European version with a single 0. The wheels have the classic standard number separator to improve the gaming experience and four automatic detector heads to ensure the best accuracy. New gaming interface with three options: Classic view, 3D view and Real view
  • Flash techonolgy is used, no software to download
  • Average of 40 extractions per hour
  • Duration of a complete game: 60 seconds.
  • Cameras with two zoom and framing levels to never lose the ball at every stage of the game and ensure fairness
  • Unlimited number of players in each game
  • Different bet combinations are possible
  • Game statistics updated in real time and shown on players screen
  • Full screen view
  • 100% accuracy on reading the winning numbers
  • Dealer/players live chat